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How to Get Funding for a Summer 2021 Co-Op Student

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It’s not too late to get a post-secondary student’s wage funded!

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) will cover up to $7,000 of a co-op student’s wage. You can apply through Eco Canada; here’s how.

Access up to $5,000 (max 50% of the wage) for a Co-Op Student:

  1. Design the job:
    • Focus on an aspect of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) or Business/ Entrepreneurship.
    • Highlight how you will provide training and mentorship.
    • At least 180 hours over 6-16 weeks.
  2. Complete the online eligibility quiz.
  3. Students have to complete a brief application as well. If you have a candidate already in mind, ask that student to apply.
  4. Wait for approval and hire!
  5. If you hire someone you would like to keep on, you may be able to get funding for the same student to continue on with you in the fall.

Access up to $7,000 for a Co-Op Student:

You could get an additional $2,000 if the student you hire meets one of these criteria:

  • First year post-secondary student,
  • Female student,
  • Indigenous student,
  • New immigrant student,
  • Visible minority student, or
  • Student with a disability.

Who knows, you could…

You might even gain a valuable long-term employee out of the deal; you never know!

Other Funding

Eco Canada also provides other types of funding for environmental jobs. These are listed on the Eco Canada website.

If an Eco Canada application doesn’t seem like quite the right fit, see the ESDC website for more details about types of work placements and other delivery partners.

Lastly, there is a lot of funding flowing from the 2021 Budget to support small businesses. The federal government is motivated for us to emerge from the pandemic better equipped to grow:

  • Using new technology (Canada Digital Adoption Program),
  • Using new equipment (Canada Small Business Financing Program), or
  • Taking on other capital projects.

A student may be perfectly-suited to work on a project that qualifies for additional funding or financing. Go after it! Students can bring a lot to the table in terms of flexibility, energy, and the latest education/skills. Plus, your mentorship can have a significant impact on the student.

If you have hired a co-op student, please comment below about your experience. What were the benefits and/or drawbacks?

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