Yes, “Baer” still means bear, despite the germanic spelling — and bears are powerful!

Bear represents strength and courage, and also family and vitality. The spirit of Baer Essentials reflects and promotes these qualities.

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Core Values

Delight everyone we work with.
We should enjoy working together. We are here to lift each other up.

Never stop learning.
Learning is a lifelong activity; there is no such thing as the one and only right path. Be generous in sharing expertise and confidence, and receptive to growth.

Approach everything with humility.
We each deserve to feel valued, and have our perspective heard. If we strive to approach people and their ideas with open-mindedness and respect, we create a safe space and empower one another to speak up and contribute.

Find the solution.
Make the time, take initiative and take action. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm; sometimes a problem is best solved by taking a new approach. Nothing is static.

Engage in open communication.
The key to strong collaboration and teamwork is communication. We are here to help one another achieve goals and improve processes – with kindness.

I’m ridiculously excited about the power of cloud accounting software (and associated apps, working in concert) to streamline workflows and improve reporting. Yes, I said ridiculously excited. About bookkeeping.

Why? Because it’s inspiring to help other business owners resolve day-to-day frustrations. For many clients, even simple changes can have a big impact. I take a structured and systematic approach to workflows and problem-solving. A lifelong learner, I strive to see each problem from new perspectives in order to find the right solution.

My goal is not just to take care of the books, but to directly and indirectly alleviate some of the stress caused by juggling demands, freeing up time to address the bigger questions of how to grow the business – or to simply go for a walk with the kids. See our homepage for a few examples of how current and accurate cloud-based bookkeeping can empower you.

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Heide Baer, BA


I have lived and worked in Canada and the UK, and have been fortunate enough to live in and visit many other countries in this beautiful world. I have also worked in many sectors throughout the first half of my life – in a wide range of office settings, and as an entrepreneur. I believe this diverse background gives me the ability to pivot and approach my clients’ problems in a way that works for them: Sometimes one size doesn’t fit all, and it most definitely takes a village.

I look forward to hearing from you and working to solve your bookkeeping pains!

Certified Xero Advisor
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